The Rock
Ian, Age 10, IL
Hard, cold, lonely if alone
but never away from the roots of its soul.
Watch it forever and it may never move,
unless the Lord commands it.
As to this day it forevermore
with no destiny of thy mind,
but alas it has no such thing.
Nothing at all in fact,
but even though thy standards reach
for an imaginary heart
we let our minds give thee one anyway.
So we treat thee with love and care
until thine otherís passing.
For it cannot perish because it
is nothing but a rock.
So to this day I wonder if deep down
either can really die
or if itís thy imagination that has kept it alive.
Or if I even care at all.
But my mind does for no reason at all
so I develop love to nothing, nothing at all,
nothing but a rock.
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