The Secret of Doomsburg
Louis, Age 11, Zimbabwe
There once was a city on a small island called Doomsberg. The people who lived there had a terrible secret that only they knew about: a house- not just any kind of house- that was alive! It wasn’t a peaceful house; it was actually possessed, since it devoured people…When it was still a small house, it only swallowed toys and a few small objects, but as it grew bigger, the house became interested in swallowing humans!

This “famous” house looked old, all the sides and walls were dark and made out of wood. From down below, outside, you could see three floors and a strangely shaped roof. On the ground floor at the entrance was a massive metal door that looked impenetrable. For some reason it was never sunny near the house; there was always a dark and scary cloud hovering above.

The owner of the house was Dr. Dennerstan. He was a very tall old man, always wearing very neat clothes and shining shoes. He was a peaceful man towards others and was one of those people who always said “hello” to anyone passing by.

Strangely enough, even though he entered the house every day, he always came out alive. One day, Dr. Dennerstan mysteriously disappeared; he did not emerge from the house. When interviewed by a detective, the neighbours said they had heard screaming and fighting the night before he disappeared. Sadly no one will ever really know exactly what happened.

Many people tried going into the house to see what was inside. There also was this rumour about a hidden treasure which made people want to go, but no one who entered ever came out. Most people who entered were young and crazy. As a result, many people wanted to leave the island; unfortunately, there were no transports to allow them to do so. After many years, the people of Doomsberg gave up going into the haunted house. Life was all normal.

My name is Peter, and I’m 12 years old. I am Dr. Dennerstan’s great-great-grandson, and I live in Doomsberg. My two friends Jack and Julia go to the same school and live near each other. We all love the ancient story of the haunted house, but we don’t dare going in; in fact, we have decided NEVER to go there. There is a very interesting story that happened to us. It all started on Halloween night; all the kids were going treat-or-tricking around the houses and having a great time doing so. I could see others all dressed up in Halloween costumes: Frankenstein’s monster, kids with all kind of drapes covering their heads to make them look like ghosts, pumpkins, and all other costumes. My friends and I were disappointed as we saw that the main group of trick-or-treaters was only made of small kids from four to eight years old. We all agreed to make a small group for ourselves. Going from house to house was fun. But we were all terrified as we saw that the final house was right beside “The House.”

The haunted house appeared to be sleeping, so we cautiously crept past it to avoid being seen. When we were a just few meters in front of the door, I crazily stood up. This was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done! As I approached the house, it suddenly woke up. It saw us. The front door opened and a huge red carpet, like a tongue, unraveled then rolled up quickly, swallowing us. That wasn’t the end of us; we were standing in the hallway, just inside the house. As soon as we came to our senses, we rushed to the door to try to escape. Surprisingly enough, it opened and said, “Welcome Peter.”

My friends and I were amazed that we were able to leave alive. We walked out and went back to our houses; my parents asked me what had taken me so long. So I just told them that it took me longer to get to the last house. They believed me.

The next day after school, we went back to the house and entered it again. We already knew why it did not kill us; I was Dr. Dennerstan’s great-great-grandson. We all felt like exploring this house. It was a very fun experience. We walked along a long corridor that seemed to never end. As we arrived at the end, we were extremely irritated to see that there was only a brick wall… “This cannot be it,” I said, but after looking, we guessed that was it. I leaned against the wall and it turned over! As we all walked in, we could see that we done it: WE HAD FOUND THE HIDDEN TREASURE OF THE GHOST HOUSE!!!

All the treasures you can think of, all in this one room with black diamond walls.
I had a horrible vision; if Dr. Dennerstan got attacked a few days after he bought the house, maybe he also found the treasure then got killed because the treasure was sacred. I came to a conclusion; the house was trying to trick us! I told my friends that we were going to be attacked, so we ran downstairs and saw the stairs moving and twisting around. We tried running backwards but saw that everything in this house was moving and chasing us: chairs, tables, couches, clocks, lamps, and all the furniture. In desperation, we jumped over the stairs. There was a flying book following me as I was dragging myself. It only had the time to bite my legs until I could feel my friends holding my hands and dragging me out. We were really hurt, but at least we were still alive.

We did not tell anyone about what had happened in the house, and life went back to normal. We continued going to school and lived as if nothing had ever happened. Our parents did not know anything so it was all right with them. We will never forget what happened on that night.
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