The Witch Doctor
Eamon, Age 12, Zimbabwe
Agh!! Primrose arose with a fright. She had a bad dream last night but couldn’t quite make out what it meant. Her dream was about a man in traditional tribal uniform lying on the ground, bleeding. He had cuts on his neck and a huge gash on his side. She couldn’t see his face because it was covered in a thick dark smoke. It was as if she was not worthy of knowing who it was or she had to discover it on her own. He was saying something and it was as if he was under water. She eventually shrugged it off and started her chores.

It was a beautiful day. The birds were singing their beautiful songs as they darted from branch to branch. The flowers were blooming into bountiful and beautiful red and blue petals. Primrose belonged to the tribe of Koi. She had no more family members left. One thing about the Koi is that they rely on chores being done. So Primrose had to get working. She had to milk the cows and clean the eating bowls. Primrose did not enjoy all these chores but they needed to be done. She would much rather play around with her remedies.

When Primrose was finally done with her chores, she decided to work on her healing remedies. She had to keep this a secret because if anyone found out she was doing that she could possibly get exiled. Primrose headed off to her special place in the woods where she practiced her healing. Her spot was out about a mile from the village and into a special cave that she liked to call the calooga cave which meant “the secret” cave.

Primrose reached the cave and fiddled with her remedies and solutions. Just then Primrose heard a high pitched scream and a loud monstrous roar. She was scared to see what was going on. But she overcame her fear, grabbed her healing satchel that at the time only had the supplies for her newest remedy and decided to go see what happened.
Primrose ran through the trees to the place where she thought the scream was coming from. She burst through the trees into a small clearing. There, in a pile of leaves, was a small woman maybe in her twenties. She was black with short black hair and brown eyes. She had a very deep cut that seemed to go through her ribs and connect to her lungs. Primrose knelt down and pulled out a small bag from her satchel. The bag was made out of the stomach of a wild pig and was tied up with rope she made herself. Primrose loosened the noose and poured the only remedy that she had on her into a mango skin that was also in the satchel. She poured the liquid into the young woman’s mouth.

The woman immediately stopped bleeding, but she also stopped breathing. Primrose checked for a pulse but there was none. In a panic like reflex, she gave the woman a second dose. All of a sudden a man burst through into the clearing, just in time to see Primrose give the woman a second dose.

The man yelled, “Get away from there!”

The man ran over to the woman’s side and checked her pulse. Nil. He then turned to Primrose and said with much anger, “You poisoned her! You witch doctor!”

That term was only used when a crazy woman poisoned someone. Primrose’s eyes began to water.

“You will be exiled from the tribe, you witch!” the man shouted.

“I’ll save you the trouble!” Primrose wailed with tears running down her cheeks. She turned and ran as fast as she could through the forest with many thoughts running through her mind.

While she was running, Primrose thought about her past. She thought about the dream she had only just this morning. She was certain now that the dream meant something. She stopped to rest on a rock.

Then she thought, “My healing should be honored.”

Just then a great beast came tumbling out of the trees. Its eyes blood shot, spit dripping out of its great big mouth.

It looked as if it was waiting for this moment for a long time. Then something became clear to Primrose. The words the figure was saying in her dream: “It’s out for you Primrose! It’s out to kill all our bloodline!” It killed all her relatives for the magic that runs through their veins. Her family was what had been keeping the Poaladzo alive all these years. Now she was the last one and the Paoladzo needed her to become immortal. The Paoladzo was on top of her before she could say, “Ahhh!”

Just then a troop of men came through the trees with spears and bows and arrows. They saw the Paoladzo on top of Primrose about to strike. The Poaladzo scratched Primrose across the chest. The Paoladzo raised its head for the final strike.

An arrow lodged itself in to the Paoladzo’s eye just before its giant teeth could chomp down on Primrose. The Paoladzo stood up on its hind legs and roared in agony. The men were on it before you could say mango. They shot and jabbed at the Paoladzo until it finally died.

When the men were done killing the Paoladzo, they ran over to Primrose, who was lying on the ground bleeding out. The men did all they could to revive her, but she was too far gone for the men to help.

They brought her back to the camp and showed her to the chief.

“That’s the witch!” one villager exclaimed.

“Yeah” said another.

“Settle down everyone,” said the chief. “She will be put in the cave she has been sneaking off to all this time.”

How the chief knew this was a mystery. Primrose was indeed buried in the cave and was forever remembered as the witch doctor.
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