Jim Benton. Dear Dumb Diary #2: My Pants Are Haunted!
Scholastic, $9.99, ISBN: 978-0-439-62905-8, 144 pg.
Reviewed by Desiree, Age 10

Don’t get me wrong, dumb diary Margaret is okay, I guess, she’s kind of nice, but she’s a PENCIL CHEWER, and most non- pencil chewers find that a bit repulsive. ( Isabella says that Margaret is a “gerd,” which is a girl nerd.)

Dear Dumb Diary #2: My Pants are Haunted is about a girl named Jamie who doesn’t want to do homework. She wants beautiful jeans. Jamie gets beautiful jeans, but her mom wrecks them and Jamie gets really mad. She sells them to Angeline, and Angeline gets popular for wearing the jeans.

My favourite part was when Jamie’s dad tries not to laugh but cereal comes out of his ears. I liked that part because it is funny.

I liked this book because it is exciting. The type of child who might enjoy this book would be someone who likes funny books. I would recommend this book because it’s interesting and it has a lot of detail. I think that the characters are believable because they really are like my family. I like the author’s writing style because it’s so different and it makes me want to read and read.

I give this book a rating of five out of five stars.


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