Me, Myself, and a Ghostly I: The Series
Anesu, Age 12, Zimbabwe
“The world is going to end in 2012,” said the Mayans. Not really.

My name is Sally, Sally Simpson. Most people think that the world is going to end because of pollution. The real story is that the ghosts will all take over the world! (Only all the bad ones will.) Oh, I’m sorry I forgot to mention that I am a ghost. Don’t worry, I am a good ghost just as I was a good human being. Now there are only about two million good ghosts left in the world. I can’t remember some of the things that happened in the past. You see, the evil ghosts have put a very bad spell on me to force me to do bad things. I like being a good ghost. I try my best to prevent myself from doing bad things. The more I do good things, the weaker I get. This is draining all of my powers, including fast speed. So basically, I am dying slowly and very painfully.

I’m twenty-one years old now (as a human). My mother and father died in a meteor shower. Just two years after they died, I died in the middle of teaching a cooking class. It went a little like this….I died because I touched the deadliest, hottest spice in the world. Mrs. Torres (the real cooking class teacher) was sick, and I had to sub for her. I was cooking and teaching perfectly, until a student asked me what the bowl of sizzling, red-hot, dangerous-looking seeds that were a little smaller than a pea were on the left of my black pan. I replied, mysteriously, “It’s nailon grains, or powder if you crush it.” I told them that if even just a grain of it were to fall on you for more than 1-3 seconds, you would (most probably) die. Nailon can burn right through gloves. You could only hold it for a few seconds, four if you’re lucky. That is when I made my mistake. I showed them exactly what they weren’t supposed to do. Then I held a single grain of nailon. Two seconds later, I just collapsed. When I died, I felt stupid. I knew that I should not have held the nailon. That was a really weird death.

On the day of my death, I panicked. When I collapsed on the floor, my friends and students freaked out. Since I had not gotten married yet, and my parents had died two years before I did, my friends had to pay for my funeral. They were quite good friends. They thought that I was still alive. They say that they felt my pulse and took me to the hospital. I am in intensive care still in the hospital right now. It is so bad that I cannot eat. No one is sure if I am dead or not: the doctors were going to take me off the oxygen mask, but they think I am still alive. I don’t know whether I am alive or dead.

A little later I found a corner on the roof of the Empire State Building and hid there for about ten days. I felt ashamed, so embarrassed. Then, on the third day, I realized that I was living the life of a good ghost and was less shocked.

You are probably wondering how you can use nailon as a spice if it is so deadly. If it gets boiled you won’t die as long as it is the only spice in that dish. (Also if you put just 2-4 grains of it or else.)

So anyway, when I went into the ghost life, my parents told me that when they died they went into a white room. The white room was on top of a tower near the northern lights. There was apparently another one half a mile away that was a different color. Surprisingly, in that room they were told, “Go out there and save the world.” I wonder why I didn’t go into that white room. There had been myths that if you went into a white room, you would be a good ghost. It also works the other way round. But I didn’t go in to any of those rooms…interesting. I was also thinking by “Go out there and save the world,” the voice meant something behind it. My parents and I are the only ghosts with the power to read minds. My parents are on the bad side because they got hypnotized by the bad ghosts. They found me with their power that allows them to hear what I was thinking.

Earlier, I said I was dying. You are probably thinking, “How can a ghost die?” That’s ok, I’ll tell you. If you are a ghost, you are either saved by the good things that you do in life (like how I always volunteered at the hospital, old folks homes and at Brae-Burn Middle School as a cooking teacher’s assistant) or vice versa. I was just saved. If I die as a ghost, I will become a nobody. I will not do anything at all. The worst part is that my parents put this spell on me. Why? I thought you’d never ask. It is because they are under the evil ghosts’ curse, so I can only try my best to vanquish them now. It will hurt but I have to do what I have to do. My one and only mission now is to save the world no matter what I have to do. I really want to save the world from being destroyed by the evil ghosts. If my (now bad) parents are involved in it all, then so be it. Now all I need are some people (or other creatures) that will help me to put an end to the evil ghosts.
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