Nothing but Vampires
Dulay, Age 12, Zimbabwe
As the full moon came up, all the vampires came together at our founder’s grave and we had a moment of silence because it was the date that he died (28th December). We always chose a family to drink blood from, so we stood in a circle, and we all decided but our opinion didn’t count because the leader, MQ, had the final say. We all waited in excitement because we were all blood thirsty, and all of a sudden the whole world stopped for me because MQ chose my family. I stared at him with a confused face.

I walked up to him and gave him a big, hot punch, and each person was so stunned because no one had ever stood up to MQ like that. He ordered his bodyguards to catch me and bring me back to him. As soon as I was put down in front of MQ, I received a whip on my back. I fell to my knees, and I was already crying. To make the whole thing worse, it was in front of every other vampire in the neighbourhood, and I could hear everyone laughing and whispering and saying that I was stupid to punch the one and only MQ. As he was about to hit me again, I cried out STOP and everyone froze. I yelled and challenged MQ to a one-on-one fight, and all of the vampires let out a huge gasp like hhhhhaaaaa.

MQ looked at me with a huge smile on his face and screeched, “It’s on.” Everyone clapped and started chanting MQ's name, but there was a certain girl who was on my side. Her name was Diane Wadley. That was one girl whom I have had a crush on since I was a baby because she is beautiful and blonde and every other guy loves her. After the building cleared, I was left with Diane in the building, and I asked her why she was not cheering for MQ. She replied by saying, “Because I love you.” I was stunned and I also told her that I loved her too, and after that we went for dinner and had a couple of laughs. I finally took her home and gave her a kiss, and she whispered in my ear, “He is dangerous, but I know you can do it.” I went home and as soon as I got through the door, I let out some tears because I couldn’t stop thinking that my family was going to die unless I killed MQ. After an hour of crying, I went upstairs and went to sleep.

It was two days before my fight, so I decided that I spend the whole day going to the gym and getting ready. I pushed the door open at the gym and my eye caught a scary picture and guess who it was? MQ. I turned back as quickly as I could, and then I heard a deep voice saying, “Don’t chicken out.” That sounded like MQ’s voice, so I turned again to face him. I walked to the treadmill and started my training, and that was what I did for most of the day, but I was always scared because the scariest vampire was in the same gym that I was in.


I woke up at 6:00 am and my heart was pounding wildly and I was freaked out. I went to the shower and when I was finished doing everything, I was ready to go. I got on my bike and rode to Madison Square Garden and I could tell it was packed because when I arrived the whole car park was full. As soon as I went inside, everyone was ready, and there was no time to waste so I took off my t-shirt and stepped in the ring. Right before they were about to ring the bell, I was already on the floor, and MQ was breathing down my neck, so I had to react quickly. MQ had the first strike, but I had to have the second to impress Diane, and that’s exactly what I did. When he was about to bite me, I moved and held him by the neck. I said, “Hasta la vista, baby,” and I dug my teeth through his skull. No one expected me to win, and after that I was named the leader.
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