Ellen Miles. Scout
Scholastic, $5.50, ISBN: 978-0-439-87412, 75 pg.
Reviewed by Kiara, Age 9

Ya, we got a new puppy, but what should we name it?

Scout is a book about a family who fosters puppies and raises them to be ready for a good home. In the middle of the story, Lizzy has a friend named Meg, and Meg has a dog who is a search and rescue dog. Then Meg gets injured, so Lizzy gives up her dog to Meg.

My favourite part was when Scout is a new puppy. He always gets in trouble in the kitchen.

I liked this book because the puppy gets in trouble all the time. The puppy is very hard to handle, and I think this book would be a good book for dog lovers. It would also be good for people who have to handle a dog by themselves.

I give this book a rating of five out of five stars.


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