Kathryn Lasky. The Shattering (The Guardians of GaíHoole, Book 5)
Scholastic, $5.99, ISBN: 978-0-439-40561-4, 176 pg.
Reviewed by Payton, Age 9

It was Sorenís voice. Drop the egg! Drop the egg! I canít! I canít! It gives us power, Soren. Power! Then she heard a sterner voice. Great Glaux. It was Boron!

The Shattering is about an owl named Eglantine who gets shattered by her evil Auntie Nyra. In the beginning Eglantine has these dreams about her mother. But when she goes and sees her, something weird happens. At the end there is a battle between the Pure Ones and some of the Great Tree owls. The Great Tree owls trick the Pure Ones by making them think that there are Northern Owls there. Then Eglantine drops Nyra and Kluddís egg.

My favourite part is when Primrose thinks that there are flecks in the nest that the Pure Ones give her. I liked this part because Primrose uses her necklace that she got and pulls all the flecks out of the nest.

I liked this book because some of the owls fall into dangerous paths and itís very exciting. A type of child that would like to read this book is someone who likes danger and adventures. I would recommend this book because it is a really good book and you donít know whatís going to happen next, and it makes me want to read on. The characters are believable because it really seems that they are people not owls. I liked everything in the book.

I give this book a rating of five out of five stars.

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