Barbara Smucker. Incredible Jumbo
Penguin, $7.63, ISBN: 3082468, 174 pg.
Reviewed by Stephanie, Age 9

A boiling African sun sank slowly into the sea. It blazed blood red for an instant and then scattered into a glitter of gold as it slid under the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Incredible Jumbo is about a boy and an elephant who grow up together and learn the meaning of true friendship. In the beginning hunters find Jumboís family and kill Jumboís mother for her tusks. Then they tie up Jumbo and ship him across the ocean to England.

In the middle of the book Jumbo grows up in the zoological gardens. He learns how to be ridden and just keeps on growing!!! By the end of the book, Jumbo gets sold to a circus called "The Greatest Show on Earth" in America!!!

In the last chapter Jumbo and Little Tom Thumb (a little elephant) are crossing a railroad and Jumbo gets hit and killed by an unexpected train. Little Tom Thumb breaks a leg. Jumbo and Little Tom Thumb were best friends forever!!

I liked the part when Tod got to ride Jumbo in the parade. I didnít like the ending because Jumbo dies at the end even though it is a true story.

I think that any boy or girl who really likes the circus and adventures would like this book. I think that the characters are believable except for Tod and Molly - they are fiction. I like the authorís writing style because it really tells the charactersí feelings and movements.

I give this book a rating of five out of five stars.


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