Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. The Field Guide (The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 1)
Simon & Schuster, $14.95, ISBN: 0-689-85938-4, 111 pg.
Reviewed by Sophia, Age 9

“Let me introduce you. Come my dears, come and see my niece and nephews.‘’ There was a buzzing outside her window and what had seemed like floating dust in the sunlight suddenly became creatures the size of walnuts.

The Field Guide is about when Jared finds a book in a little box. The book has a note on it and it says, “Do not touch or else.” So Jared opens the book and starts to read and look at the pictures. After that, goblins are released and come for the book. Mallory and Simon are Jared’s brother and sister. Mallory is practicing fencing and Simon is playing with the cat.

My favourite part is when Jared, Mallory and Simon meet the phooka. And the phooka says, “Bonny nonny bonny.” Jared, Mallory and Simon do not know what the phooka says.

I liked this book because it is very interesting and mysterious! I would recommend this book to kids that like mystery books. I know someone who’s like Mallory. She reminds me of my sister and how she acts.

I would rate this book five out of five stars!!!!!


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