E.B. White. Stuart Little
Harper & Row, $7.50, ISBN: 0-06-026395-4, 131 pg.
Reviewed by Emily, Age 9

When Mrs. Fredrickís littlest second son arrived everybody noticed that he was not much bigger than a mouse.

Stuart Little is about a little mouse who meets a new family. He goes on lots of adventures. He meets a new bird friend and he flies away. Stuart goes on an adventure to find him.

My favourite part is when Stuart Little finds a bird named Margloe and they are best friends. But when it comes to Spring, Margloe flies away and Stuart goes on adventure to find him.

I would recommend this book to someone who likes adventures and animals. I like a lot of the authorís books. He has classic kinds of books. I love Stuart Little.

I give this book a rating four out of five stars.


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