A Sense of America
Maite, Age 10, Harare, Zimbabwe
(based on a poem by Margriet Ruurs)

Once you have heard-
The swearing of the Brooklyn taxis,
The screaming in Six Flags,
The gentle talk of loving mothers…

Once you have smelled-
Mouthwatering fajitas,
Delicious sushi restaurants,
The stench from the hot gym…

Once you have felt-
The soft prairie grass,
The metal bars of the rollercoasters,
And the sturdy hands of the government…

Once you have seen-
The towering buildings,
The ghetto of the city,
The busy women in their high heels…

Then my America you will know,
And you will not want to depart,
Visions come to you,
Of skyscrapers, fashion, and the hillside.
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