Robbie and the Dog
Riti, Age 7, Gurgaon, India
Once, Robbie, a little rabbit, went to the market. After some time, he met a dog.

“Please help me,” the dog said. “My family is very poor”.

Robbie felt pity for the dog. “I will give you some money. Here, take it. I am Robbie the rabbit. What is your name?”

The dog said, “I am Somu. Oh, thank you for this help.” Robbie and Somu became friends.

They played together and had lots of fun.

Suddenly in the forest, a thief came and started taking money from everyone’s house.
One day he stole money from Robbie’s house. When he was coming out of the house, Somu saw him and caught him. It was Sly the Fox. Robbie got his money back. Baloo Bear, who was the jungle policeman, locked up Sly in jail.

Somu said, “Look Robbie, one day you helped me when I needed money. Today, I was able to help you too.”

Robbie was very pleased that he had such a good friend.

Moral: Always help each other.
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