The Time I Went to the Zoo
Sammy, Age 9, Harare, Zimbabwe
When I went to the zoo, I saw a huge, hairy, and scary thing. It had giant and sharp teeth. It had lots of hair by its neck. It had fat ears and legs.

It jumped on the fence and scared everyone. There were small holes in the fence. But it could not fit through them.

When it opened its mouth, it made a really loud sound. I thought my ears were going to break because of the sound. But they didn't.

So I went away scared and shivering. I will never want to see that thing again because it scared me so much. It almost got out, but it didnít. But then it happened: the lion got out, so I ran to the car and it followed me. I got in the car and my mom drove away with me in the car. I will never forget that day.
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