Sarah's Stars

Robert T. Bakker. Raptor Red
Bantam Books, ISBN 0-553-57561-9  $8.99  256 pg.

"A pair of fierce but beautiful eyes look out from the dull green undergrowth... ."

These eyes belong to an extremely intelligent raptor: a female Utah Raptor, to be exact. Her name... Raptor Red. The author of the novel, entitled Raptor Red, is considered to be one of the world's foremost palaeontologists, and has illustrated his own book with diagrams and maps. Bakker proposed the theory that dinosaurs were warm-blooded. He has also written The Dinosaur Heresies, a non-fiction book.

Raptor Red is set 120 million years ago, on the flat, flood plains of what is now Utah. Here evolved an intelligent killer, a super predator, the Utah Raptor. This creature lives a dangerously exciting life. Her lifetime is the beginning of an evolutionary species of predatorial dinosaur.

Raptor Red has 250 pages and is a soft cover novel. I would recommend it for ages 10 and over. I enjoyed this book immensely and couldn't put it down! I would give Raptor Red a 5 star rating.


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