The Secrets of Greece
Misha, Age 8, Vancouver, BC
Jack Dison was an archaeologist.

His assignment at the moment was in Greece. He was trying to find the three headed dog and Medusa. A few weeks ago he heard that the Nazis blew up a spot in which they say Medusa lives, but they did not find anything. He was going to Greece tomorrow in a helicopter.

The next day, he went to the airport where he went to his helicopter. Seconds later in the air, they heard a loud BANG. Slowly the helicopter went down. Then Jack saw a Nazi plane flying away. But just at that moment the helicopter started rising again. Jack looked puzzled. When they landed in Athens, Jack went to the place that the Nazis blew up. On the News that evening, Jack heard that Pegasus was spotted under the wing of a helicopter. When he heard that he was really stunned. The next morning Jack went to the ruins and found a great mystery...

What he found was a small trap door. So he opened it and went in it. At the other end of the tunnel, he arrived in a small shack. There was a desk and sitting at the desk was MEDUSA! Beside the desk was the three headed dog...He ran back to the trapdoor, ran back to his hotel and got his paralyzing gun and his survival kit. He went back to the ruin, back through the tunnel and carefully opened the trap door and got out his paralyzing gun.

The dog started growling at Jack with all three heads. Then he paralyzed the dog, but at that moment Medusa threw a pocket knife at Jack. He quickly dodged it and then paralyzed her. He dragged them out of the tunnel to the airport and safely back to his study in Canada.

After he studied them for months, then he brought them back to Greece, where they belonged.
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