The Envelope
Riti, Age 7, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Sly the pixie found something on the road. He wondered what it was. He took it and then opened it. “Oh, it’s an envelope”, he said happily. He ran towards home. “I will write a letter. Last time, when I wrote one, Donny the postman did not take it, because there was no envelope”.

But Sly did not know that it was a magical envelope. He passed by a pastry shop. He could smell the heavenly hot chocolate. “I wish I could have a chocolate pastry!” he thought. Hey! There was a chocolate pastry in his hand. He ate it greedily. “I know,” he thought, “this envelope is a wishing one. I can wish anything and it will come true. I wish for a golden crown.” And he had one on his head. He used the magic to own a lot of things and soon became rich and lazy.

Now the envelope belonged to a witch. She went looking for it everywhere in Fairyland and noticed that Sly had lots of nice things suddenly. So she understood that Sly had found the lost envelope. She told the Fairyland Queen that greedy and naughty Sly had the wishing magical envelope. He should have returned it to the owner, but he kept it for himself. Also, the witch could not take it back from Sly since he would use the magic of the envelope to keep her away.

“Alright,” said the Queen, “come back with a small thread”.

So the witch brought her one. The Queen chanted a spell on the thread. “Take this with you. Throw it outside Sly’s house when he is coming out and watch the fun.”

The witch did as the Queen asked her to do. Sly came out and stepped onto the thread. His feet got entangled and he fell down. The witch came and snatched the envelope from his hand.

The Queen called Sly and said, “You have been very greedy. You shall be punished”. So poor Sly had to work at the pastry shop for two whole months without getting any money. He baked and baked chocolate cakes all day long. And how he hated the hot chocolate smell! Served him right for being so naughty, don’t you think so?

MORAL: Do not keep things that do not belong to you; always try to return them to the owner.
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