Everything I Know about China
Carol, Age 12, Perth, Australia
I will tell you something about China and Chinese food. The main crops are rice. We eat rice almost every single meal! Sliced bread is quite expensive; 99% of people hate bread! Sometimes people eat some noodles or rice noodles for lunch or dinner.

Secondly, I will tell you something about Chinese school. The school is much different from the Australian schools! In the Chinese school, teachers are not as nice as the Australian teachers, so often children bully others because they think the teacher is allowed to bully them so they must be allowed to do that to others as well. We do have some fun programs, like Music, PE, Science, Art and Free Play, but it's always “stolen” by the teachers! Teachers always say: “You need more and more learning about Chinese, English and Math, so you should be happy when we have them instead of Music, PE, Science, Art and Free Play.” But we don’t like the idea, so we often complain, but as I’ve told you, teachers aren’t as nice as the Australian teachers; they don’t take in children’s opinions. This is mainly because at the end of each semester, we have a big test; if the average score of your class is higher than the average score of the other 3 classes of your own grade, your class-teacher gets paid more, so your teacher wants you to learn more than other classes so that she/he can get the prize.

Finally, I will tell you about the beautiful places that you could visit in China. We have beautiful things, especially cliffs. We have loads of nice cliffs, but the most famous one is ‘Huang Shan.’ The second most famous cliff is also fabulous, but ‘Huang Shan’ seemed to be loved by people more. In Beijing, our capital city, we have a very famous building called ‘Tian An Men.’ Lots of people from other countries travel there to visit. China is a beautiful place!

Now that you know more about China, do you want to visit there one day?
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