Erol, Age 11, Melbourne, Australia
It was time for me to board the plane
There were so many people it was insane,
I was heading to Turkey for the sun
When I arrived at my uncle’s in Turkey
I felt good and a little bit perky
My family had a day out at sea
Then back to the beach to have tea.
After tea we swam in the water
Tara needed help to swim so I taught her.
The next day I went to Luna park
It was when the sun went down, in the dark
Off to visit family at my uncle's farm
Mum told us to turn on all of our charm
Time to leave and head back home
I need to do my hair with a comb
When the plane got back to Australia
I unpacked all of my paraphernalia
I think that it was the best holiday
Because I was able to celebrate my 11th birthday!
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