The Magic Library
April, Age 11, Burnaby, BC
Flying books! Chairs made out of ice-cream!

“Wahh! Where am I?” thought Heather.

Heather is a friendly girl. She has blond hair. The first time you meet her, you would think that she is perfectly normal. Well, she is… almost. Believe it or not, she can recite the whole alphabet backwards in 4 seconds flat! Amazing, isn’t it? Now, enough about Heather. Back to the story.

“Where am I?” Heather wondered, this time out loud.

“You have entered the Magic Library”, answered a voice.

“Huh? Who-who are you?” Heather stammered.

“My name is Kitty. What’s your name?” asked Kitty.

“I’m Heather,” replied Heather.

“Come Heather, I will take you around for a tour.”

“Th-thanks Kitty!”

“So, Heather, what do you like to do?”

“Well, I have a huge zest for reading and I also like playing Hide-and-Seek in the dark with my family,” Heather responded.

“Cool!” exclaimed Kitty.

“Um, Kitty?”

“Yeah?” replied Kitty, curiously.

“How did I get here, and more importantly, how do I get out?” asked Heather.

“Um, well, you see only those who are worthy can enter this magic library. The only person who can get you out is, well, me. I have the special key! Many have tried to take it away from me, but all have failed.”

“Oooh…” said Heather, astounded.

“Can you get me out, then?”

“Sure!” cried Kitty.

Kitty went to a room, took out a green key and unlocked the door to the outside. Suddenly everything went black.

“Heather! Time for breakfast!” Heather’s mom called.

“Wha-huh? Oh my gosh! That was a dream!” cried Heather…or was it a dream?
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