A Strange Day in February
April, Age 11, Burnaby, BC, Canada
“BLEEP!” Christopher’s alarm clock rang. It was Friday, February 13th, 2009.

Groaning, Christopher sat up from his bed. He ran his hand through the hair that drove everyone crazy. Christopher walked towards the curtains, preparing for the sun’s rays to zap his eyes. When the curtains were opened, Christopher blinked twice. Instead of sun, it was the rain! To his surprise, something awesome was happening. It was raining money!

“Wow!” breathed Christopher. “It’s raining money?!”

Christopher ran through the hallway of his house, straight into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth in a hurry, washed his face, and got dressed. Christopher’s hair drove all the kids in his 7th grade class extremely crazy. Everyone, including his three best friends, wanted him to cut it because they said it was too distracting. His hair was swishy, shaggy, and pretty long, considering it was just two inches above his shoulders. Despite his hair problem, Christopher was the most popular boy in his grade.

After examining his hair, Christopher scampered down the stairs, grabbed a bucket, put on his coat, busted down his door, and ran outside to collect some money. But as soon as he stepped outside, it stopped raining and started snowing. Christopher stopped in his tracks and stared up into the sky. Suddenly, a snowflake fell into his eyes. Feeling pain, Christopher ran back inside.

When he once again busted down his door, his mom was standing in the kitchen making breakfast. She stared at his messy hair, his snow-filled coat, and his now-messed-up runners. She mom shook her head and said, “Christopher Underwood, how many times must I tell you? Before you go outside, you must ask for permission and be properly dressed! You know we are already tight on money and almost bankrupt, and now we will have to buy you a new coat and sneakers, and you will also have to wash and comb your hair again! Now wash your hair!” she ordered.

“But I-” Christopher started to protest.

“Just go!!” his mom yelled.

Grumbling, Christopher dragged himself up the stairs. After he had finished washing his hair, it was already time to go to school. So Christopher got dressed, took his bag, burst out of his room, and raced downstairs. When he got to the kitchen, his friend Serena was already there, waiting.

Serena was in Christopher’s class and they always walked to school together, which some of the boys were jealous of. She had very long hair. Usually it was in a loose braid. Serena was very easygoing. She was also the fastest girl and the top student in 7th grade.

Serena, leaning against the kitchen wall, smiled at Christopher, obviously looking at his hair. She was the only girl in school who actually admired his hair. Today she was wearing a beautiful icy blue dress, a heart-shaped necklace, and navy-blue high-heels. Her hair was also in a braid, but it was pulled tightly together instead of being loose. It was Picture Day. Christopher smiled back at her, knowing that as soon as her picture was taken, she would race to the change room and put herself back into a jean jacket and black pants. She was that type of kid. A “Punk Princess,” as Serena would describe herself.

“Christopher!” said his mom, interrupting his thoughts. “No breakfast for you, or you’ll be late!” She shooed away the kids.

Once they were out the door, Serena said, “Your mom always seems to drive you crazy.”

Christopher sighed. “Yeah…We’re a bit tight on our budget, so that kind of puts her in an cranky mood.”

“Oh. I’m sorry, Christopher,” Serena said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

The two walked in silence, until Christopher’s stomach began rumbling, and Serena burst out laughing.

“Here,” she said, pulling out an apple. “Your mom offered this to me while I was waiting for you.”

“Thanks,” said Christopher, and he munched hungrily on the apple. Suddenly, there was a “pop” and out came Christopher’s tooth! Blood swirled everywhere and Christopher quickly covered his tooth with a tissue. His gums were still bleeding when the two of them got to school. Eventually, Christopher had to go to the nurse’s office, but the bleeding stopped when he was at the door of the nurse’s. Annoyed, Christopher went back to his classroom. He sat down and glanced at his friend Dylan, who was sitting beside him.

“What happened?” Dylan mouthed. Christopher took a pen and paper out of his desk, and wrote,

“My tooth was bleeding. But when I got to the nurse’s office, it stopped!” He passed the note to Dylan, but at that very moment, he was caught by his teacher...

“Christopher, looks like you are trying to pass a note!” Mr. Morrison said. “You will have detention!” Mr. Morrison wrote on a pink pad and handed a detention slip to Christopher. Christopher looked back at Serena, who gave him a sympathetic look. Christopher had never gotten in trouble before! And it was all because of Dylan. Christopher glared at Dylan, who seemed guilty for getting his friend in trouble.

“Okay, everyone, please take out yesterday’s homework!” Mr. Morrison told the class.
Christopher smiled at himself. He had worked especially hard on yesterday’s work. But as he opened his backpack….Christopher realized he had taken Melody’s bag by mistake! Melody was Christopher’s little sister. They had both worked in his room, doing their homework, helping each other. Apparently Melody had taken Christopher’s bag!

“Oh no,” Christopher groaned. “I have SUCH bad luck today!!”

In gym class, Christopher got hit in the face by the volleyball, causing his eye to be swollen. Right on Picture Day, too! Christopher placed his hands in front of his face, wondering if his bad luck would ever end.

Now, things like this have happened to many kids on the same day. And that is why people think that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

                                                   -The End-
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