The Tales of the Polar Bear Family
Serenity, Age 9, West Des Moines, IA
Once upon a time there was a purple polar bear. His name was Smiley. He lived on a planet called Animal World. There were only nice animals. But Smiley lived where it was cold. It was so cold, nobody came to visit.
One day Smiley decided to go where it was a bit warmer. So Smiley came up with an idea of how to get where it was warm. What should he build? A plane? Too high. A car? Too long. A train? Yes, a train! Smiley built himself a train, and was on his way.
When Smiley got far away from his home, his train broke down. He tried walking, but then he fell asleep. Next morning he woke up in a house. “Hi, I’m glad you are awake. My name is Sally, and I found you on the road,” said the pink polar bear.

“Hi, my name is Smiley,” said Smiley, and then they played and played. After all that playing, they sat down and took a rest. Smiley asked Sally if she could take a look at the engine of the train. On the engine was an egg. It wiggled, it jiggled, and it hatched. Out came a baby polar bear. It ran toward Smiley and Sally, as if they were the parents. They took care of it. And the more they took care of it, the more baby polar bear eggs came and hatched. When it was two days before Christmas, they all wrote notes to Santa Paws.

On Christmas everybody got what they wished for. Smiley and Sally wished for more children, and the kids asked for teddy bears that looked like them. Some were purple, some were pink, and some were navy blue. That night everybody slept well.

One thing the polar bears didn’t know that there was a princess and prince watching and protecting them. The princess's name was Angelina, and the prince's name was Alexander. On New Year's Day, the polar bears and cubs knew they were being protected, but on the next day Smiley, Sally, and the cubs were transformed into humans but still allowed on Animal World. Then Smiley and Sally got married.

They had to make a nice teddy bear for all the kids. Sally got all that work done all in only one day.

One day Sally and Smiley had to take the little cubs to preschool. But all the cubs refuse to go, so Smiley and Sally thought up a way to get them to go to preschool.
They took their favorite snack and gave them each the snacks if they agreed to go to preschool. All the cubs agreed.

Then when the cubs went in they felt small yet nervous. So then Smiley and Sally introduced the cubs to the teacher. When Smiley and Sally left, the cubs felt scared. Then when it was time to have lunch, some cubs asked if they wanted to share their bread, mac and cheese, and all kinds of food. Then the cubs weren’t scared anymore.

When it was time to go home, the cubs wanted to stay but had to leave. When they got home, they started playing a silly game called “Say what you mean, and do what you do.” It was kind of confusing, but they figured it out. Then it was time to go to bed. Smiley and Sally told them a bedtime story, and it went like this…

“Once upon a time there lived a girl named Purple and a boy named Red. They were both really poor. Then one day someone gave them both enough money for a home and food. They bought a house and some food from the market and took care of their sick father since their mother had died recently from a really bad flu. They took him to the hospital and the doctors said he had to stay for two weeks. So the children waited till it was time to take their father home, and by then he was no longer sick, and they lived happily ever after. THE END.”

The kids fell asleep and so did Smiley and Sally. The next morning the cubs woke up, bushed their teeth, changed into real clothes instead of pyjamas, and ate breakfast. They had a busy day. First they had to go to the store and get a few things; then they had to take a family photo. Then they just had one or two hours to rest before they had to visit their Grandma Heart. Then when they got done resting they got in the car and were off to Grandma Heart in their father’s big train. It took them at least 3-4 hours to get there.

When they got there, they hugged their grandma and said, “We are so happy to see you”. They went inside and had pie. Smiley and Sally said, “We will be staying here for 3-4 weeks. When it was time for bed, they were very worn out, and they all fell asleep at the same time. Grandma and the cubs slept in the same bed, and Smiley and Sally slept on the floor—very comfortable.

When Smiley and Sally woke up the very next day, they went to the park and met a fairy. Her name was Petalwinkle, and everything about her is another story. So when Grandma and the cubs got there, they played different games, and when it was time to go home, instead of walking, they raced to the door and no one got hurt. When it was time for dinner, Sally had made their cubs' favorite, mac and cheese, for dinner. When there was no food left, everybody got ready for bed and fell asleep. They all dreamt happy dreams. The cubs dreamt that they were superheroes, while Sally and Smiley dreamt that they lived happily ever after.

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