Weird John
Taryn, Age 9, Beaumont, AB
There once was a man,
Who had a good tan,

This man was small,
And knew nothing at all,

The man had a brother,
His brother had a mother,

And his mother called him John,
Something was seriously wrong,

John was a fool,
Because he never went to school,

One day his mother said;
"Get out of bed!
You're such a lazy head,
You look like you're dead!"

So he got up,
And petted the pup,

He put on his shoes,
And drank some juice,

Then he started shaking,
And he started flaking,

He started bouncing,
and oddly pouncing!

He ran right out the door!
His mother stood here in horror,

She said, "Ugg! These men!"
She never had to deal with him again.
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