Journey to My Camo Belt
Aaron, Age 9, Bronx, NY
The journey to my camo belt, the obstacles in my way.
Itís like the first day of training was yesterday.
Triangles, double-legs, arm-bars, and sweeps
these are some of the techniques.
Iíve trained and trained and finally have the strength to compete.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the martial art,
White belt is where we all start.
The Camouflage Belt is the highest ranking,
when I reach it I still have to continue my training.
Rolling with the lions, youíll get ripped limb from limb,
The training you get from the gym teaches you how to win.
When we are on the mat, you can hear the speakers rumble.
The friendship, the struggle, the life lessons we learn in the jungle.
I was taught that Bushido is the warriorís way,
Iíll take these lessons and use them in real life every day.
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