The Silky Blue Sunset Bird
Maci, Age 9, Spring, TX
The Simple Life
Once upon a time there was an old widow who lived in a meadow in a valley. She loved it there. You see, the widow knew God made her and everything around her, and she cared for all of God’s creatures. But, out of all the creatures in the meadow, she loved birds the most. She loved their peaceful songs that soothed her to sleep at night, and the joyful chirping that woke her in the mornings. The widow enjoyed the company of the birds when she was lonely.

She was often lonely because her grown children had moved away, and her husband had died of an awful illness. Thinking of them made tears roll down her cherry pink cheeks, but most of the time she tried to hold back the tears and be joyful.

Her children had loved the meadow. They thought it was a magical place where unicorns, witches, and ghosts lived. In the spring, the widow’s children would play in a field full of beautiful flowers. Next to their small cottage stood an old oak tree, and the widow would gather her children under its massive branches to read magnificent stories to them. She cherished these moments.

To take her mind off her family, she decided to pay a visit to her one and only dear friend, Lisa. Lisa’s husband, Mark, had also died. Poor Lisa was a single mother with seven children and one on the way. When the widow knocked on Lisa’s door, she immediately knew that Lisa needed help. Taking care of seven children was not an easy task. When Lisa saw the widow, she was filled with joy. The two worked and worked until there was nothing left to do.

The Birdhouse
The widow returned home and decided to build the most magnificent birdhouse in the entire valley to put in her yard. When she finished, she was confident that birds from all over the world would come to her birdhouse. She waited patiently to see which birds would come. But no birds came. She was just about to give up when the sun began to set. She looked out of her window, and there, sitting on the roof of her birdhouse, was a bluebird. She ran out of her door to get a closer look. When she got closer, she held out her finger. The bird slowly perched itself onto the widow’s wrinkled finger, and the widow stroked its feathers that were as soft as silk. The small bird quickly spread out its wings and flew off. The widow went to bed thinking about this amazing experience.

When the alarm sounded the next morning, the widow tapped the top just as she always did, lifted up her covers, and slowly crawled out of bed. She went to the kitchen to fix her usual breakfast of one egg. As the widow sat down to breakfast, she began thinking about her childhood. Her small two-bedroom cottage was where she had lived for sixty years, and the happy memories made her smile. Suddenly there was a startling knock at her door. When she opened her door, a tall man dressed in a black suit and hat said, “Hello, Mrs. Hunter. I was wondering if you could sell me your new birdhouse. I will pay you any price. Just name it,” the stranger said. The widow frowned, said no, and politely closed the door.

A Miracle
That evening after dinner, she was in her rocking chair on the porch. Just as the sun began to set, she saw the bluebird sitting happily on top of the birdhouse. It was the bird she had been waiting for. “That bird is magical!” she exclaimed. The widow named her bird the “silky blue sunset bird.”

The widow went to bed thinking about her bird and as she was trying to drift off to sleep, she had a dream that the blue bird was sitting on her grave the day after she was buried. The widow thought this quite odd but finally fell asleep.

The next morning the widow woke up feeling ill. She had a fever of 103.... She quickly phoned her friend Lisa. As soon as she got the call, Lisa gathered her children and ran to the widow’s cottage. “Stay in the kitchen!” Lisa said firmly to her children. When Lisa opened the door of the widow’s bedroom, she found her lying in her bed looking very pale. “Help me, Lisa,” the widow cried weakly. “I cannot see anything.” Lisa quickly phoned the doctor. While waiting for the doctor to arrive, Lisa and her children prayed for their dear friend, asking that God would send an angel down to help the poor widow.

“I’m not sure if she will survive,” said the doctor. Silence filled the room as tears ran down Lisa’s face. Lisa stayed overnight with the widow, just to make sure she would be taken care of.

After everyone left the next day, the widow sat on her porch to ponder the things that had happened to her. When she began thinking about her family and her lonely life, she felt as though life was over. Suddenly, out of nowhere, something landed in her lap. She stroked it carefully and knew instantly that it was the “silky blue sunset bird”! She began to feel some kind of dust sprinkle on top of her body. Slowly, she could see the meadow, the oak tree, and the little bird she so loved. “I can see! I can see!” She screamed. “That little bird did it! He was the angel sent from God”, she sobbed.

Epilogue: Forty Years Later
The widow died in her sleep on her 100tth birthday, and when she was buried, the “silky blue sunset bird” was found sitting on her grave, just as the dream had foretold. Her friend Lisa married the man of her dreams and had two more children. And all was well.
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