The French Knight (ballad)
Sara, Age 11, Temple, TX
                      There was once a village in France,
Which a knight happened upon by chance.

This knight was valiant and strong,
His sword exceedingly long.

The handsome knight with hair so fair,
Over his shining armor was the skin of a bear.

Now this knight rode to the castle,
And the sentries did much to hassle.

And very soon did come many a thief,
Who scared away people beyond belief.

The sentries, scared out of their wits,
Started acting like twits.

A lovely princess in the tower so high,
Looked down and saw the pillagers draw nigh.

She was so filled with fright,
She called down to the knight,

"Oh knight from yonder village,
Do not let those thieves pillage.

Succeed and with treasure you shall be laden,
And win the hand of this fair maiden."

On hearing this, the knight so bold,
With strength and ardour went forward to greet his fate untold.

By the end of the hour,
The princess's mood was sour.

Her father the king did berate,
But by then it was too late.

The knight was there, sword smeared with blood and gore,
Triumphant, proud, and exceedingly sore.

The very next day they were blissfully wed,
Look where that one happy triumph led!
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