Leena and the Snowy Fairy
Riti, Age 11, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Leena was a little girl living at Chilly Lane, Charles Cottage. At the back of her house there was a huge park. One day when she was playing in her park, she heard a soft rustle. It came from the direction of an apple tree. She ran towards it.

Leena heard a voice saying, “Hello, I am Snowy.” There flew a beautiful fairy beside her. Leena was surprised. But she was not like silly children who get scared and fled away. Leena said, “I am Leena.”

They both became best friends. Leena loved Snowy as she had a rare friend.

One day Snowy's dress got torn. She said, “Leena, my dress has got torn.” Leena gave her an outfit of one of her dolls. Snowy looked cute in that dress. She thanked her.

One day some brownies told Snowy that she was invited to a party. That afternoon, when Leena went to visit her, Snowy told her about the party. Leena asked her who had decided it. "Mr. Whizz, the wizard," answered Snowy. Leena said, “I would go too.”

The next day Leena and Snowy went to the party. They saw a puppet show.

They danced and sang with the other guests, and they drank some juice. There was a lovely cake for dinner. The party finally ended.

They all got presents. When she reached home, Leena opened her gift. It was a lovely doll. She named it Rosemary. Snowy got a wand.

Now because of Snowy, Leena also takes part in the fairy secrets.
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