The Perfect Day
Kaylie, Age 11, New Iberia, LA
Her eyes are kaleidoscopes
Glinting with gold and green.
My little sister slides her tiny hand into mine,
and we are off.
Through fields of flowers
Tilting their broad, open faces
toward the morning sun.
Salty ocean breezes blow back our hair,
Bringing everlasting serenity to this fine day.
Golden rays shine in sparkling streams
Through blossoming tree branches.
Everything, this whole place,
is prim and proper,
but loose and flowing alike.
A chain reaction
brought us here,
one wonderful thing leading to the next.
The sun came up
just after the sorrowful moon
and painted the sky with vibrant colors
of gold and oranges.
This caused all of the flora
to look up in awe,
staring at the sky.
Then, the plants were inspired
to grow their fruit
by jealousy,
wanting to match the sun's colors.
So, they bloomed their
big and bright,
which transformed into large fruit.
My sister and I find the best tree to sit under
and sink our teeth
into juicy mangoes.
Wide smiles spread across our faces,
confirming what the blue jay cries out.
This is the perfect day.
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