The Race
Nathan, Age 12, Peoria, IL
You feel the water hit your face
Your feet kick
Your arms swing
Then you realize itís a race

Your thoughts of winning run wild
All you want is to touch the wall first
You see people swimming behind you
Gliding through water like torpedoes
And you are in the lead!

One lap left and you are winning
People are tailing you like in a NASCAR race
Your thoughts seem to control your actions
The wall comes into sight
And you are the first to feel that sensational, and breathtaking feeling

You climb out of the pool
Tired as a sloth
You canít believe you won!
And they call you to the podiums
You walk over, scared, nervous, happy!

Your freezing cold, raisin-like toes step onto the podium
They play the national anthem
And you sing along
As they hand you your medal
You cry tears of joy!
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