The Stolen Painting
Carol, Age 12, Perth, WA, Australia
“I’ve finally finished!” screamed Bob. He has been working on his painting for nine months and he was finally finished with it. It was just in time for the display tomorrow. He had dreamed about having his artwork displayed in the Art Gallery all his life and this was his chance.

“Oh my goodness, it’s the presenting time today!” Bob was so excited. He took time to choose his best clothes and his best tie, ran downstairs and sat down for breakfast. He ate his bacon and eggs extremely fast and he was in full readiness in no time. Bob took his package from his bedroom and loaded it onto the car. He rehearsed his speech in his head repeatedly, so it would be perfect when he was on the stage.

“There are 675 people competing today in the Master Painting competition, but only 300 paintings will be selected for display. We will be presenting the champion and the runners-up with a trophy. First, up on the stage – Ella Power! Come on down!” Many paintings were presented and it was soon Bob’s turn to be on the stage. “Thank you, Tilly, now for the 124th painting – Bob Ross. Thank you, Bob!” Bob proudly walked up to the stage and pulled a script out of his pocket.

“I’d like to thank everyone for the opportunity that you have given me to present my painting in front of the audience. The biggest dream that I’ve ever had was to have my painting displayed at this Art Gallery. I hope I can win this competition and thank you all!” Bob pulled the string to show his painting, and the crowd gasped. Bob proudly smiled at the crowd, but he stopped because what he saw something much unexpected. The crowd was gasping in shock and horror! Was there something wrong with his painting? Was his painting all wet when he wrapped it with paper? He turned around and looked at his painting. His mouth immediately fell open – the painting! The painting was gone there was nothing left but a black painting case!

“I’m very sorry for this. I really don’t have any idea of where the painting has gone. Leave me out this round, and I can always come back next year.” Bob ran off the stage and out into the car park, crying and yelling at the same time. He found his car and stepped in. “Why does this have to happen? I have been working on this painting for nine months! Don’t you know how much this mean to me?” Bob had never cried like this ever since he was twenty, but this time he was truly angry and upset. He picked up his phone and called his wife.

“Hello, Emily.”

“Hello, Bob, how did it go?”

Bob tried his best to hold back his tears, but his voice was still a little soggy. “I’ll tell you when I get home, I promise. But would you mind going down to Vic to buy me a loaf of Pane Di Casa?”

“Why buy some from Vic? I can just pop into Tim’s and get a loaf of white bread – it’s always been your favourite.” It was so lucky that Emily didn't realize Bob's sobbing sounds.

“I just feel like some Pane Di Casa today, Em. It is fine if you’re not feeling well, I can get some on the way.” Bob crossed his finger in the hope that Emily would agree to go down to Vic so that he could have time at home alone.

“No I’m fine; I’ll meet you at home.”

“Okay, bye.”

Bob signed with relief. He needed time at home alone after everything that happened today. He drove home like mad and he got home in no time. Bob snatched down the security camera and watched it. He was trying to get through everything like mad. Now he finally knew what happened. A man, dressed in black, came into his house last night and swapped his painting with the black case. No wonder the package was ripped a little this morning. He had thought it was just a bump from his daughter Zoe’s chair, but he hadn’t expected a thief to come. Now he could not do anything about it, because he could not go and yell at every man that he saw that was dress in black. Therefore, he knocked on Edward the wise man’s door and asked for some advice. Edward told him not to cry because everyone will face difficulty somehow in his or her life and he was not alone.

Therefore, he sat down at his desk and started a new painting. Even though it was not the same as the first one, it was just as good. Bob found the courage that he lacked in his life, and he is now the famous painter Bob Ross.
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