The Day the Body Parts Fought
Kabir, Age 6, Rajasthan, India
One day while Aman was lounging on the sofa, his body parts began to fight.

The mouth said “Why is the stomach getting fatter! Fatter! Fatter!?”

The stomach said, “It’s not my fault; the boy is getting lazier, lazier, lazier! It’s all the legs’ fault.”

The legs said, “It's not our fault. The boy says my legs are tired! tired! tired! But we are not actually tired. It’s the tongue’s fault. The tongue is a liar! Liar! Liar!”

The tongue said, “It's not my fault! The brain says eat junk food more! More! More!”

The brain said, “I say to you all, what the boy says to me. So it’s all the boy's fault!”

Then all the body parts had a meeting.

In the meeting, the body parts decided to all stop working. Then the boy realized that exercise and eating healthy food are very important for him.
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