Kate, Age 15, Hanover, NH
May the moon ever shine on for you
And may you always be looked after favorably
Securely in your house I hope you are
I hold you safely in my heart
Memories of you forever etched, not just in my brain
But upon my soul like footprints
Under lock and key I keep a part of you.
A part that I stole on a day way back.
Inside of me, somewhere deep inside,
it has stayed ever since
And in return a piece of me fell to you.
I stay waiting for you to return
Truth be told I'm not the same without you
Part of me is a deep abyss,
made deeper by your absence.
It feels as if part of my heart has been ripped out
We are tied together like a knot
And bound in spirit forever
When you aren't here in body
I can feel your presence -
It walks with me day by day,
Dances, flits across the earth
Like a fairy and just as kind
I just want to tell you what you mean to me
But I can't quite put it into words
Because you were, and are, the best friend I've ever had
The precious shining jewel, always in my pocket
Dreams of you fly across my mind
In the deepest black of night
Thoughts of you keep me up,
composing this poem
And it's hard to say it all right
I wish I could just sit
And watch you dance your way across the earth
Like a shooting star across the heavens
Then I would dive after you in a rustle of motion
The leaves fall once again and I can see you once more
But only briefly
And when you leave, a hole aches in me
The strength I think I have is suddenly gone
Holding back tears has never been so hard
Finally I can hold myself together no longer
Alone at 2 am I cry a flood of tears
Silently they splash down my face
No one will ever know
How much sleep I've lost over you
How many tears I've shed for you
Even so I can feel a wisp of you here
As I look out of the window at the blinking stars
I know that you are out there somewhere
Across the great ocean and rolling hills
If I had the means to see you, I would
We'd laugh and sing
Letting time slip by like sand
Cherishing the little moments
Spinning fairy tales together
Weaving our own little happily ever after
Playing out some of the fantasies in our head
Imagining which fantasies could come true with magic
Walking through the woods bantering
Hands entwined together
While other times we let the silence fill the cracks
A mutual appreciation between us
Of the gift called life
And of beautiful fall days
With brightly colored leaves swirling down around us
A moment made perfect by a hug shared between us
Saying all the unsaid
That words cannot touch
And I know
We two are dreamers
Perhaps that's why we are special
In life dreamers are not held in high esteem
By children of our age
A foolish mistake it seems
They will never understand feelings with roots this deep
Everyone wise knows that dreamer bonds are unexplainable
Because when we dance alone together in meadows
A rainbow forms above us
The purest sign of friendship
And the symbol for a bond of sisterhood
Not in blood but in soul
And someday perhaps we can be two twin dancing stars shining in the skies
I am yours forever and always
Truly and forevermore
Under the sun, moon, stars,
Windy days, summer nights, winter dawns, spring mornings, and glowing sunsets
At night please look out of your window
And remember me -
All those thousands of miles away
Across oceans, mountains, and valleys
Because I will be doing the same
Both of us will feel the connection
And our hearts will be joined together as one.
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