Letting Go
Jessica, Age 12, Hamilton, VA
I just let go.
of all my worries,
all my cares.

No more homework.
No more dog walking and babysitting.
I don't speak,
not one single word.
I don't look,
not one little peep.

I just feel,
not with my hands,
but with my heart.

I feel relief and calm,
that sixth grade is over.
No more nagging of teachers,
waiting for projects,
that haven't been turned in.

There is still that noise,
insufferable, irritating noise.
It won't go away,
but I won't listen to it.

I'll just listen,
to what my heart tells me.

There are new teachers,
but there is a new me.
Calm, organized,
ready to face this year.

I won't worry,
about what others think of me.
I'm me.
I'll listen to my heart.

My heart that's only for me.
So I just let go.
I let go of all my worries,
all my cares.

See what happens?
A new year brings new opportunities.
The past is in the past.
This is now.
Live in the moment,
and just let go.
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