Olivia and the Haunted House
Wendy, Age 10, San Diego, CA
What would you do if you were stuck in a haunted house getting chased by a ghost? Well, Olivia will soon experience this spooky moment but, for now, she doesn’t know what troubles she’ll have to face. Ever since she had planned to steal the candy from the haunted house, she had experienced an uneasy feeling. No matter what, Olivia was going to get that candy. Fearless until her 15th birthday, she would finally discover her true fear.

On a cold, windy day in October, the 50th Annual Haunted House was moving to Winterberry, Olivia’s hometown. Olivia was a bright, yet crafty girl just about to turn fifteen on Halloween. She planned to steal all of the candy from the Haunted House. The haunted house had many people unpacking boxes and hanging signs to get ready for opening day. As a bunch of kids watched the Haunted House settle, she snuck in through the backdoor, but she didn’t know that when you go in before opening day, there’s no coming out. The angry spirit of Bluebeard guarded the house to make sure that nobody got in or out. After all, he was ruler of the monsters. He was furious that Olivia had come to steal the candy from his Haunted House, so he wanted revenge. Olivia marched into the Haunted House, as brave as ever until she started trembling at the sound of the voice whispering, “You're special.” But that used to be just a whisper, then she could hear the voice clearer. It sort of sounded like Sophie, her best friend. She started to whimper with fear and right when she was about to turn around to run away, cold, rough hands grabbed her by the feet, and she screamed. Nobody heard her—she was alone.

A hissing sound woke Olivia up. She was delighted to find that it was all a dream, a very bad dream. As usual, Olivia got up and dressed for school. She said goodbye to her mom and walked to school as she would always do. On the way to school, she passed the Haunted House; she shivered. At school, it was the Halloween parade. Olivia had totally forgotten to wear a costume! She was the only one of her friends that wasn’t wearing a costume. She was so embarrassed. Sophie tried to console Olivia and tell her that it wasn’t a big deal, but Olivia wouldn’t listen. Bluebeard laughed, this is just what he wanted, to ruin Olivia’s life. He had haunted her, something Bluebeard hadn’t done in years. Olivia soon heard that creepy voice again, “You’re special.” Her mind flashed with images that looked like Sophie. She shook that out of her head. "It can’t be Sophie whose voice I keep hearing. It can’t." Her head was pounding and her fingers were trembling. She finally understood what true fear felt like. She decided to go home and lie on her bed until she dozed off.

The same hissing sound woke Olivia the next day. It was her birthday and Halloween! She had to get dressed for school. She did the same routine as she did yesterday, except this time, she wandered off course and went straight to the Haunted House as if there was somebody controlling her. She slowly entered the Haunted House, step by step until she finally reached the center of a room she had never seen before. Bluebeard cackled, while lightning struck from above. Olivia staggered backward and wailed loudly. Olivia finally understood what the whisper meant now. She was going to die on Halloween! Bluebeard appeared out of nowhere. He had skulls hanging from his belt and a transparent face. He examined Olivia carefully. Olivia smiled; she had developed a plan. She was going to distract Bluebeard by hitting him with a rock and then she would run away. The plan worked until she met a dead end and was trapped by monsters everywhere. Then just before Bluebeard was going to kill her, an image flashed through her mind. Sophie and Bluebeard’s faces flashed together, and then Sophie said BOO! Olivia woke up and this time, it was for real.
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