Sleepy Sharky
Sreelakshmi, Age 6, Gorleston, Norfolk, UK
Once upon a time, far deep in the Pacific Ocean, there lived a shark princess called Sharky. She was very pretty and popular. She was very kind, so everyone played with her. On her 5th birthday, the Queen Mum gifted her with a beautiful magic necklace. Then she told Sharky that she would not die if poisoned, but only sleep until a real prince kissed her awake.

One day, she was playing in the coral garden, when suddenly, she got accidentally stung by Ryse, the sting-ray. But, as she was wearing her necklace, she did not die. She slept for five years. Many boys dressed up as princes came and kissed her, but she did not wake up.

One day, Wal, the whale, came from Atlantic Ocean for a visit. He heard the story and wanted to try his luck. Wal kissed Sharky and the magic worked!
She woke up from her deep sleep. Everyone was happy and they played together and lived ‘splashily’ ever after.

                                                       The End
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