My Own Town
Carol, Age 12, Perth, WA, Australia
When I was five, I had something very special happening, and I still remember every detail of it.

I owned my own town! I named my town Carol Spearmint Grove, and it contained everything you can ever get in life. My town had ten shops and it was the most popular town in the world. Starting from the East, my first shop was Icy Rose - the ice-cream shop that offers fifty kinds of ice cream – honeycomb, rocky road, mocha, nutty dream, cookies ‘n’ cream, caramel fudge and A LOT more. You can choose between having it inside a cup, in a cone or on waffles, which is so cool.

My second shop was a bakery called $4 & Go - it offers everything at the price of $4. In $4 & Go, you can by bread, cakes, éclairs, tarts, pies and basically everything that you can get in a bakery.

My third shop was a fruit & veg store where you can get fruit or veg. My fourth shop was quick-food shop called Quick & Easy. If you come in, you’ll find that everything on the menu is cooked and stored in the ‘Heat Room’ to be kept warm.

My fifth shop was a meat shop called Meatie. My sixth and seventh shops were clothing stores where you’ll be able to get lots of clothing – one for women and one for men. My eighth shop was an electrical shop for things like batteries, cords and so on. My ninth shop was a music shop called Music Madness for instruments, instrument accessories and music books. My tenth shop was where you could bring in second-handed stuff and sell them.

I loved my town. Everybody in the world loved my town. If you walk onto a busy street crowded with people anywhere else in the world, you’ll always hear, “This is a fantastic town, but I’d still prefer Carol Spearmint Grove because…” As I’ve said, my town was very, very, indeed, wonderful…

“I’m at a payphone trying to call home…” I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, for a second I couldn’t work out where I was or what was happening. But you might be able to guess…
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