Twice upon a Time
Sarah, Age 9, Limerick, Munster, Republic of Ireland
"Bedtime children!"

"Tell us a story, Daddy," said Jennifer.

"Ya, ya, tell us a story," said her brother James.

"Ok. But just a short one."

"Once upon a time there was an evil witch. One night the witch went to our house and took Jennifer and made herself look like Jennifer and then called her dragon to take Jennifer and lock her in a tower.

Two weeks went by and a handsome prince heard Jennifer calling for help.

‘HELP, HELP!’ cried Jennifer. So the prince bashed down the door and climbed the stairs and bashed down the next door and rescued princess Jennifer."

That night the story came true! The nasty witch took Jennifer and changed faces with Jennifer and locked her in a tower.

When the family were going for a walk the next day, they figured out what the witch did. So they tied the witch up and found the tower. James bashed down the door, climbed the stairs, and bashed down the next door and rescued Jennifer.

                                                THE END

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