Boat on a River
Gavin, Age 12, Peoria, IL
                      Life is a river, and
you are a boat.
You float down the river
flowing, rocking, swaying.
Sometimes you hit fast rapids,
sharp rocks threaten
but after the danger,
there is calm.

Past the danger,
you must endure the river.
You see other boats destroyed and made,
some close to you.
Soon you reach the end of the river,
floating, pitching, gliding
as you reach the shore,
waves lap at the shoreline
causing a disturbance.

You are calm.
Calm, and willing to end the ride.
The river never listens to anyone
and it will not make an exception for you!
No, it will not,
but you can always take out an oar,
and start to row.
Life is a river.
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