Cross Country
Tanner, Age 12, Dunlap, IL
                      The emotions start when you get to the line.
Itís the feeling of butterflies dancing inside.
We take our mark
And he shoots the gun.
Then we all sprint out,
Because the race has begun.

Youíre halfway there,
almost done.
Then you get a little woozy
Because of the beating down sun.

You can hear the fans roar,
Only 100 meters left.
You sprint to the finish
And feel very sore.

But who cares
You finished top ten.
And you sit down to get a drink
As fast as you can.

Itís awards, as you sit down with a sigh
Your name gets called
and your mom starts to cry.
You canít help but smile
Knowing that you by yourself just ran two miles.

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