That's a Best Friend to Me
Maria, Age 17, Burlington, KY
                      A friend is a smile so big it turns around your day.
A friend is a hug that chases doubt away.
A friend is a “how are you” that waits for the answer.
A friend is forgiveness, even when it’s not deserved.
A friend is a chat at the corner, even when it’s cold.
A friend is a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold.
A friend is a smile and a wave in the hallway.
A friend is a saved seat on the bus each day.
A friend is a friendly note reminding you to smile.
A friend is a phone call just because it’s been a while.
A friend is a high five when you’ve tried your best.
A friend isn’t something to be second-guessed.
A friend is good memories and remembered inside jokes.
A friend is fake punches, fist bumps, and playful pokes.
A friend is able to understand just by looking in your eyes.
A friend is truth, that sees through your lies.
A friend is a listening ear when you need someone.
A friend is sunshine when you have none.
A friend is laughter to the point it makes you cry.
A friend is “See you later,” never just “Goodbye.”
A friend is finishing each other’s sentences together.
A friend is to infinity, always and forever.
A friend is belief in your dreams, even when you doubt.
A friend is what the gift of life is really all about.
A friend is a warm feeling, way down deep in your heart.
A friend is held close even when you’re apart.
A friend makes each and every day a memory.
All in all, that’s a best friend to me.
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