In Flight
Izzah, Age 12, Calgary, AB
                      The world begs beneath my feet:
Immobile on the ground and I
So high in the sky;
Where the birds dance a tune,
And the subtle clouds fall, fall, fall,
On wings made of metal
I soar with them:
The clouds, the birds,
And everything in between.
My delighted craft
Swings, stalls, dives,
And flies.
A sound escapes
Like a groan, a moan, a shudder.
But as the grounded onlookers look
Nothing stops.
My plane continues
Swinging, stalling, diving,
And flying.
Past the everlasting azure sky,
Burning with the seventh heaven sun,
I fly.
Until the night devours the day,
Until the world crumbles to its core,
Until I can fly no more.
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