On the Lake
Kate, Age 10, Calgary, AB
Tomorrow was my sisterís birthday, so we were making cupcakes. We ran out of flour, so my mom and I went into town to get some. While we were gone, it started to snow and snow and snow!

When we got outside, our car was covered in snow. We brushed it off and started to drive back. When we got there, the electricity went out, so the furnace stopped. For the rest of the night we huddled together to stay warm.

As the sun shone through the window, I woke up and got out of bed. As I got up, I felt it was warmer, so my dad went down to check the furnace. It was on! The power came back on overnight. We cooked a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs. And then everyone was so happy the heat was on that we forgot it was my sisterís birthday! We decorated the cupcakes and then we sang happy birthday to her and ate cupcakes after lunch. I gave my sister a birthday hug and gave her a birthday present. Later that day we went and built some more snowmen. We had so much fun, so it turned out to be a good day after all!
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