The Plunge
Grace, Age 14, Plymouth, NH
                      There I was, walking down Main Street,
Staring inquisitively into brightly lit shops filled with trinkets,
When suddenly I felt my feet begin to flex,
Like a dancer on tip-toe.
“Stop, feet!” I commanded, but they seemed not to listen.
Neither did my arms and legs, for a second later,
They too had parted company from the ground.
My head followed the procession, and soon…
I was making the plunge feet-first into the sky.

The people walking past me didn't seem to notice my predicament
And smiled and waved to me
As I gently floated away.
My hands brushed the grimy edges of buildings as I passed.
A flock of sparrows crowned me their new leader
And followed my trajectory until their little wings gave out.
They flapped away, chittering sadly.
I began to come to terms with the strangeness of my situation.
I took in the land, the sea, the spires of the cathedral.
My eye wandered onto a herd of cows, fixedly munching away on yellow grass.
A group of little heads, splashing away in an eye of blue.
The wind tugged and twisted my clothes as I continued my dive.

Damp clothes whipped by me as I shot through
Just like the cork to a champagne bottle on New Year's Eve.
My feet were outlined by the blue glow of Earth,
A glowing marble in a sea of inky black with glittering specks.
I closed my eyes.
Through the lids, the light of a million stars filtered through,
Dying them red.
The brilliance enveloped me in a warm intergalactic embrace.
I was everywhere.
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