Esther, Age 12, Dunlap, IL
                      Somewhere the sun has just set
And the sky is a blend of shades of blues
The stars are vibrant white against the dark
One star hangs low in the sky
Dipping near the horizon
On the horizon is a man
Every night the same star returns to the outline of the sky to shine
Every night the man's silhouette reaches up and jumps to try to catch it
He never succeeds
When the morning comes and the stars fade away
He leaves, discouraged
Yet every night he returns to try again
After centuries of fruitless attempts
He is close to giving up
So on his last night he half-heartedly jumps up
And something miraculous happens
At the same moment when his feet leave the ground
The star moves and dips down low
Just low enough for him to grab
And finally
The starcatcher has caught a star.
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