The Big Game
Brock, Age 11, Wadsworth, OH
“Hi, my name is Trent. I play football for the Columbus Wildcats. Tonight we have a BIG game against the Atlanta Bears. I play RB and FS (running back and free safety). Well, I’ve got to go get ready.”

Finally it is time for the big game. While Trent is warming upon the field, Coach Snowball walks up to him and says, “Hey Trent, you know this is a big game today. This team needs you to step up today, got it?”

“Yes coach!” exclaims Trent. Four minutes into the game, Trent breaks out for a thirty-yard rushing touchdown.

“That a way, Trent!!!!!” screams Coach Snowball. "Get out there on defense,” he says with a friendly voice.

Third down, thirteen yards to go, the Bears pass to Trent’s side of the field. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH and #5 gets nailed. The coach runs over and asks, “Trent are you ok?” He doesn’t answer.

“Get the paramedics,” yells the trainer.

Fifteen minutes later, Trent arrives at the hospital. He wakes up in a hospital bed with Coach Snowball sitting in a chair.

“Hey, son, we did it! Without you! We did it… We are going to play a Fawcett Stadium against the Ohio Lions,” exclaimed coach. “The bad news is you're out for about seven days. The good news is you’ll be back for the championship!”

“Cool,” says Trent in an exhausted voice.

“Well, I’m going to go now. We have practice today.”

“OK, thanks for coming.”

Two hours later Trent and his family get home from the hospital. “Hey, Buddy!!” says his dad in an excited voice. “Want anything to eat?”

“No thanks.” whispers Trent.

A week passes. Trent wakes up, eats breakfast, and heads out to practice.

“Alright, now that we have got Trent back, let’s get back to practice,” exclaims Coach Snowball. Trent walks over to work with the back for about an hour.

“Hey Trent, I’m Trainer Joe. I was wondering if you would come with me to go workout a little bit? You know to see if your head is OK?” asks Trainer Joe.

“Yes sir” says Trent in a firm voice. Trainer Joe walks him over to the gym.

“OK, first I am going to have you bench press.” Trent sits on the bench. He does fifteen.

“You alright?” asks Joe.

“Yeah,” Trent says in a tired voice.

“You seem to be back to normal.”

By the time they get back to the field, practice is about over. “Good job today, guys!! You guys really worked hard today.”

Trent goes home and takes a nap. He wakes up at around 5:30. When he goes upstairs to watch television, he realizes the championship is tomorrow! The rest of the day, Trent just watches college football and feasts on cheeseburgers.

Trent wakes up and does his normal routine. The game is at 1:30. “Hey Trent?” yells his mom.

“Yes, mom?” answers Trent.

“The game is at 1:30, so you better just rest!”

For lunch Trent’s mom gets him Five Guys. When 12:00 arrives, Trent heads to Canton, Ohio (Fawcett Stadium). When he arrives at the stadium, he meets up with the coach on the field.

“Hello, Trent. I know you might not be 100%, but I want you to play your heart out. Win or lose, have fun.”

“Yes sir!!”

Columbus has chosen to be on offense. “Trent, let’s go!!!” yells Coach. Trent returns the kickoff to their own 35 yard line. They get into the huddle and get set on the line of scrimmage. Number Five, Trent Jones, runs it up the middle to get to about the 45 yard line. They pass it for a huge gain; they get it to the opponent’s 30 yard line. Trent eventually runs it in to make it 7-0 . Columbus kicks it off, and Ohio gets it out to the 20 yard line. They get a short gain to the twenty-three and then on 2nd down, they pass it to get to the fifty. Ohio runs it to their own 35 yard line. They pass it in for a touchdown. “C’mon, guys, we have to be more discipline on defense!”

The rest of the half is just a stalemate. It is 7-7 at the end of the halftime.

When they come out of the locker room, they head to the field and stretch. “Alright, get over here, guys. I want you guys to work hard and I want you to compete. This team is tough.”

Columbus is kicking off first. They kick it and Ohio gets it to their own 4. They pass it and it is picked off by Trent Jones!! He returns it all the way, the whole sixty yards!!! 14-7. The rest of the third quarter is a defensive struggle. At the end of the third quarter, the score is 21-14. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Ohio has the ball, but they are pinned deep in their own territory.

Ohio has a long sustained drive, four yards a run! They end up scoring with two minutes left in the fourth quarter. 21-21! Columbus drives it all the way down to Ohio’s 33 yard line, with six seconds left to go! They kick a field goal. It’sss…. GOOD!!!! Barely! “Yes, thank God for the wind!’ says Coach Snowball to Trainer Joe. 24-21. Ohio gets the ball, and they go for the Hail Mary. No good!! Game over. 24-21. The Columbus Wildcats win the championship!!
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