Cyrus, Age 15, Ashburn, VA
                      When the Earth was newly formed,
Not a soul was yet alive.
There wasn’t much that moved about
Into oceans none did dive.

But then a twinkle of life appeared,
And now creatures DID move well!
But they were small, just itty-bitty,
And on thoughts they could not dwell.

At first, they just swam around,
Exploring their watery domains
Still they could not philosophize,
not everyone was blessed with brains.

Soon they began to walk about,
And breathe with above-water gills.
And that’s where we come into play,
Our race of Bobs, Joes, and some Bills.

We’re mighty strange, being able to think
About stars, science and jam.
I often think about what it’d be like
To have no brains, not a gram.
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