The Fox and the Wolf
Andrew, Age 13, Peoria, IL
One day, during a harsh and bleak winter, the Fox and the Wolf ran out of food. They saw each other, and they reluctantly agreed to search for food together. After searching for two days, the Wolf found a bird nest, caught the bird, and took the eggs.

“This won’t last long; we need to keep moving,” said the Wolf.

“I hope we don’t have to go far,” muttered the Fox.

When they stopped for that night, the two animals stayed away from each other, but were still in range of the food. Near midnight, while the Wolf was sleeping, the Fox decided to sneak away with the remaining eggs and quietly tried to run off. The Wolf was a light sleeper and knew how the Fox acted, so he was quietly waiting for the Fox to try to desert him. When the Fox tried to sneak away, the Wolf sprang out from his hiding spot and attacked the Fox. The Fox was injured and barely got away, but was only able to keep one of the remaining eggs. The Fox didn’t stop to rest until the sun started to come up through the trees. This showed the Wolf that someone can’t simply change their nature. The Wolf decided to live his life in solitude, and to also mistrust the other animals.

Moral: Actions speak louder than words.
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