Graci, Age 12, Wadsworth, OH
Once upon a time there was this gymnast named Madalyn. Madalyn did not always pay attention at practice, so she didn’t always know what to do. Madalyn's coach, Coach Criss, wanted to talk with her after practice. Coach Criss said, “Maddy, you need to start paying attention at practices.”

The next night at practice she was paying more attention, but not enough. Coach Criss talked with Maddy’s parents after practice, and wanted to meet up with them somewhere to talk about Maddy’s performance at gymnastics. Maddy’s parents and Coach Criss met at Maddy’s house. After the meeting Maddy’s parents told her about what they talked about. Her parents told her that Coach Criss knew her ability, and she was not trying her best. Coach Criss told Maddy’s parents that if she did not pay attention and try her best, she would have to be kicked off the team.

Maddy said, “No, no, gymnastics is my life, I can’t quit!!!”

|Her parents told her that if she was not doing her best, then it was not her choice. When Maddy went to practice the next night, her coach told her almost the same thing her parents did. Maddy understood why, and went back into practice. After her parents and coach talked to her, she got the best scores on the whole team at gymnastics meets! Today Maddy is training for the Olympics to win a gold medal in all around, and for her whole team!!!
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