Let Us Have
Chloe, Age 14, Ashland, OR
                      Let us have the capacity to love
Let us have the spirit to laugh
Let us have the initiative to make promises
Let us have the determination to keep them
But still let us have the power to forgive
when things don't turn out as expected
when vows have crumbled
when great expectations have fallen to the ground.

Let us hope for a better tomorrow
Let us push through the hard times
that will surely befall us
Let us dance when things seem at their worst
Let us brush away our troubles
Yet let us be aware of our surroundings, good and bad
So that we may take action and help others defeat their problems too.

Let us have the imagination to dream our wildest dreams
Let us have the resources to follow them
Let us have the luck we need when we need it most
But let us strive and work and sometimes fail
So when we reach our goal we will realize
what has taken place to make it happen.

Let us bring new, crazy ideas into this world
Let us progress and invent and create
Let us make this magic of ours
But let us remember our roots in nature,
and never stray far from the hunters and gatherers of ancient past.

Let us have the right to individuality
Let us know that we can change the world in our own unique way
Let us believe in what we choose to believe in
But let us embrace any who are different
from what we know as normal.

Let us caress everything on this planet
Let us keep some things closest to our hearts
Let us fix the world we live in
So that it is here in all its beauty for longer than we are
Let us live and laugh and love
and one day leave.
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