Peggy and the Wolf
Jackson, Age 10, Burlington, WI
Peggy the pig was always on guard but never crazy. One day Peggy went out of her pen. When she got out, she saw a fluffy tail in the bushes. Peggy got over there and screamed, "A wolf!"

The wolf said, "Please don't worry. I am not going to eat you."

Peggy was shocked. "Since when do wolves not eat pigs?" she asked.

"What's your name? My name is Jerry Wolf."

Peggy replied, "My name is Peggy Pig. So why are you in the bushes?"

"I was in the bushes because my family abandoned me and I had no food," said Jerry.

"Here," said Peggy, "come to my pen and I'll get you some food."

So Peggy Pig and Jerry Wolf went to the pen. When they got entered the pen, Peggy introduced Jerry to her pig friends. "Everyone, I would like you to meet Jerry Wolf!"

All of Peggy's friends said, "Hi." Jerry Wolf was a little shy at first, but then he was happy. Peggy showed Jerry Wolf the stash of food. When Peggy and Jerry got outside, he was stuffed. It was getting to be night time, so Peggy found Jerry a place to sleep.  Jerry was dreaming of his family when Peggy woke Jerry him up and said, "Come with me." Peggy led Jerry to a cave so he would be warm.

The next morning Peggy woke Jerry up for breakfast. "Today on the menu we have nuts and berries," said Peggy.

From that day on, Peggy and Jerry lived a happy life and were best friends!
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